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Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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oNLabyrinthProduct namespace
|\NOnlineNamespace for "online" features of Labyrinth
| \NServerServer side component of Labyrinth Online
oNLxSEngine namespace LxS is main namespace for all stuff related to "Labyrinth x Space" game engine including all stuff required both to implement Labyrinth and to implement other games of similar genre and gameplay mechanics
|oNAudioThis is namespace for audio processing, including decoding and playing soundtrack
|oNCoreGraphicsCore graphics related methods (rendering primitives, loading models, textures, shaders, cameras)
|oNGameGameplay-essential classes (general game-logic centered classes)
||\NHelpIn-game help messages system
|oNNetworkNamespace for network input-output, client, server, reactive listening
|oNSystemLow level OS-interaction, encapsulation for OS-specifics (FS-access, threading, user input). Contains Root of class LxS::Windowing::Root
|\NWindowingWindowing system namespace (buttons, menus etc)
oNSWCESet of classes implementing character editor (including basis for character advancement system)
\NSWRSSavage Worlds rules system (really a flexible rules engine able to implement any SW-dereived rules set)