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SWRS::EdgeImpl Class Reference

implementation of edge More...

#include <edgeimpl.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void SetRequiredTrait (const std::string &traitname, const std::string &traitlevel)
 if any trait is required to get this particular edge, set it
const std::string GetRequirementsAsString () const
 for UI
void SetRequiredEdge (const std::string &edgename)
 if an edge (i.e. lower level one) is required
std::pair< bool, std::string > DoesCharacterMeetRequirements (const ICharacter &c) const
void SetExcludedHindrance (const std::string &h_name)
 if hindrance cannot be taken with this particular feature
int SetName (const std::string &name)
 set name
const std::string & GetName () const
 get name
int SetFlavorText (const std::string &flavor_text)
 set flavor text
const std::string & GetFlavorText () const
 get flavor text for this particular feature
int SetCharismaModifier (int)
 get charisma modifier
int GetCharisma (IConstCharacter *LowerInChain) const
 get actual charisma
int SetToughnessModifier (int)
 get tougness modifier
int GetToughness (IConstCharacter *LowerInChain) const
 get toughness
int SetParryModifier (int)
 set parry modifier
int GetParry (IConstCharacter *LowerInChain) const
 get parry
int SetPaceModifier (int)
 get parry modifier
int GetPace (IConstCharacter *LowerInChain) const
 get actual pace
int SetPowerPointsModifier (int)
 how many power points are granted by this feature
int GetPowerPoints (IConstCharacter *LowerInChain) const
 how many powert points are granted
int SetPowerAllowanceModifier (int)
 how this feature affects amount of psy/magical powers allowed
int GetPowerAllowance (IConstCharacter *LowerInChain) const
 calculate total power allowance
int SetSkillsPointsModifier (int m)
 how many points are added for skills
int GetSkillsPoints (IConstCharacter *LowerInChain) const
 what is total skill points allowance
int SetAttributesPointsModifier (int m)
 how many points can be spent additionally on attributes
int GetAttributesPoints (IConstCharacter *LowerInChain) const
 total attributes points
int SetEdgesPointsModifier (int m)
 how many additional edges can be chosen?
int GetEdgesPoints (IConstCharacter *LowerInChain) const
 total number of edges
int SetRequiredSkillsPerAttribute (const std::string &attr_name, int i)
 How many skills have to be chosen for attribute given.
int GetRequiredSkillsPerAttribute (const std::string &attr_name, IConstCharacter *LowerInChain) const
 How many skills have to be chosen for attribute given - total.
int SetTraitLevelModifier (const std::string &attr_name, int i)
 does this trait/attribute receive special modifier for this particular feature
int GetTraitLevelModifier (const std::string &attr_name, IConstCharacter *LowerInChain) const
 total modifier

Protected Types

typedef std::vector< std::pair
< std::string, int > > 
 type def: vector of required traits and their minimum levels
typedef StringVector RequiredEdgesVector
 if other edges are required to get this edge (i.e. it is an advanced edge)
typedef std::vector< std::string > StringVector
 vector of strings
typedef StringVector ExcludedHindranceVector
 semantic stuff

Protected Member Functions

std::string VerbalizeLevel (int lev) const

Protected Attributes

RequiredTraitsVector req_traits
 instance of RequiredTraitsVector
RequiredEdgesVector req_edges
 instance of RequiredEdgesVector
ExcludedHindranceVector exc_hindrances

Detailed Description

implementation of edge

Member Function Documentation

std::pair< bool, std::string > SWRS::EdgeImpl::DoesCharacterMeetRequirements ( const ICharacter c) const

does character meet requirements of particular feature? first field of result is binary answer (true=yes), second is verbalized answer "why not" in case of not

Reimplemented from SWRS::FeatureImpl.

Member Data Documentation

ExcludedHindranceVector SWRS::FeatureImpl::exc_hindrances

hindrances, that CAN'T be taken with this particular feature

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