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LxS::CoreGraphics::TextureInfo Class Reference

Representation of texture object in OpenGL API. More...

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Public Attributes

GLuint handle
 OpenGL handle.
bool handle_valid
unsigned long width
int channels
 channels; 1= BW; 3=RGB; 4=RGBA
int use_count
GLint mag_filter
 magnification filter - for OpenGL scaling settings
GLint min_filter
 minificaton filter - for OpenGL scaling settings
AssetLoader::Texture tx

Detailed Description

Representation of texture object in OpenGL API.

Member Data Documentation

bool LxS::CoreGraphics::TextureInfo::handle_valid

is handle valid (it becomes valid after uploading and binding texture; it loses validity upon freeing it or upon restoration of android context)

AssetLoader::Texture LxS::CoreGraphics::TextureInfo::tx

data from texture file; may or may not be freed after uploading these to opengl context. define SAVE_TEXTURES_FOR_LATER affects its usage.

int LxS::CoreGraphics::TextureInfo::use_count

for purposes of reference counting; each usage of texture (allocation of object that refers it) increases this counter; each freeing of such object decreeses it. If it is back down to 0, texture may (but does not have to be automatically freed by a game engine.

unsigned long LxS::CoreGraphics::TextureInfo::width

width in pixels; height is assumed to be the same (textures are assumed to be square

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