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LxS::CoreGraphics::Model::MeshInfo Class Reference

class representing information on mesh (may be shared by many Model class objects). More...

#include <model.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef std::vector< std::pair
< std::string, p_Model > > 
 vector of associations string<->model

Public Member Functions

struct {
   GLuint   vertices
 3 floats for position, 3 floats for normal
   GLuint   uvs
 pairs of floats (3 times less than vertices)
   GLuint   indices
 indices to squares as triangles
   GLuint   fake_indices
 fake indices (see above for definition
__attribute__ ((packed))

Public Attributes

bool init_done
 is ready to use
char * meshfile
 mesh data (to be blitted to gpu
const char * gl_data_start
 start of data within mesh file (data is placed after metadata)
int num_indices
 num indices
int num_fake_indices
 fake indices are indices that exist for purpose of fixing z-layering
int num_vertices
 amount of vertices (some of them may be referenced many times through indices)
int frame_first
 first frame of animation sequence (usually 0 or 1)
int frame_last
 last frame of animation sequence
GLshort * indices
 indices within meshfile
size_t vertices_vect_size
 size of vertices vector ((mi.num_vertices*6+mi.children.size()*16))
GLfloat * vertices
 this is doubled here and in buffer object, as they're useful for colision detection
GLfloat * uvs
 uv coordinates
modelVector children
 child objects
int use_count
 reference counting
bool inverted_normals
 if true, normals are inverted against what said in binary file - state of mesh in RAM (=mesh in VRAM)
float far_x_positive
 edges of an object
float far_x_negative
 edges of an object
float far_z_positive
 edges of an object
float far_z_negative
 edges of an object
float far_y_positive
 edges of an object
float far_y_negative
 edges of an object

Detailed Description

class representing information on mesh (may be shared by many Model class objects).

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