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LxS::CoreGraphics::Model Class Reference

model! More...

#include <model.hpp>

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class  MeshInfo
 class representing information on mesh (may be shared by many Model class objects). More...

Public Types

 enum for representing collision mechanics
typedef std::string string
 typedef for C++ string, not to include whole namespace but to simplify notation
enum  Rendermode { ForReal, ForCoords3D, ForCoordsGame }
 purpose of rendering. ForReal is "to display", ForCoords3D is "to determine where user has clicked" More...

Public Member Functions

 Model (const Model &base)
virtual void SelectFrame (float fno)
 select an animation frame
void SetInvertedNormals (bool do_invert)
 set status of normals inversion; default off; affects all models loaded from same mesh
void SetCollisionModel (int m)
 set collision model
int GetCollisionModel ()
 get collision model
void SetDoubleSided (bool v)
void SetInvisible (bool i)
 if model is invisible (i.e. used only for collisions and such)
void Animate (float dt)
 animate a model
void SetColorTexture (string fn)
 set texture for color map
void SetAlphaTexture (string fn)
 set texture for alpha map
void SetNormalTexture (string fn)
 set texture for normal map
void SetTextures (string color, string alpha, string normal)
 set package of three textures
void SetMesh (string mesh)
 set mesh
float GetFarYNegative ()
 edges of an object
float GetFarYPositive ()
 edges of an object
virtual void Initialize ()
 set up resources. (this is to facilitate late (delayed) initialization.
virtual void RefreshAssets ()
 To facilitate refreshing app after switching OpenGL Context (as in Android lifecycle)
virtual void Render (Rendermode mode)
 render something
virtual void UnloadResources ()
 free up consumed resources while (possibly temporarily) object is not critical
void SetPosition (float x, float y, float z)
 set mesh position (will alter transformation matrix)
void SetRotationY (float alpha)
 rotate around axis, that is perpendicular to the ground; must be called AFTER set position, as setposition RESETS model transformation matrix, while SetRotationY alters it;
virtual float GetPositionX ()
 get mesh position (extracted from current transformation matric)
virtual float GetPositionY ()
 get mesh position (extracted from current transformation matric)
virtual float GetPositionZ ()
 get mesh position (extracted from current transformation matric)
float GetRotationY ()
 get mesh rotation (extracted from current transformation matric)
void AssignMatrix (float *)
 assign predefined matrix
void AssignUnityMatrix ()
 cancel all transforms
float * GetMatrix ()
 get pointer to model transformation matrix
void AssignChild (const std::string &s, p_Model)
 assign child object
unsigned long GetTexelsCount ()
 sum of dimensionsxdepths of all textures
unsigned long GetFacesCount ()
 all 3D faces
bool CollisionDetection (float x, float y, float z, float r)
 true if item of given coordinates and radius, collies with object
GetWalkableArea () const
 return triangle set for purposes of collision detection as a walkable area (map)
float GetInitializedPercentage ()
 0= uninitialized; 100=ready; other? for progress bars

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetUseVBO (bool do_use)
 enable/disable VBOs
static bool GetUseVBO ()
 are VBOs used for displaying this particular model
static void ReloadAllMeshes ()
 global reinitialization routine
static void PrintGlobalStatus ()
 diagnostic routine

Protected Types

typedef std::map< std::string,
 collection of meshes

Protected Attributes

float transmtx [16]
 transformation matrix
int _f
 currently displayed animation frame
boost::shared_ptr< Shaderp_ShaderForReal
 shader used when rendering ForReal
boost::shared_ptr< Shaderp_ShaderForCoords3D
 shader used when rendering ForCoords3D
bool loading_in_progress
 if loading is in progress, model isn't usable
bool inverted_normals
 if true, normals are inverted against what said in binary file (state expected of LxS::Model object)
MeshManager::iterator i_MeshInfo
 iterator (smart pointer) to data of current mesh
float initialized_percentage
 0-100; 0- just constructed; 100 - redy to render; 0-100 - for progressbar

Static Protected Attributes

static MeshManager GlobalMeshManager
 global collection of mesh data files - to accelerate initialization
static System::MyMutex GlobalMeshManagerMutex
 sync object
static LxS::System::MyMutex InitMutex
 sync object used when loading data

Detailed Description


Member Enumeration Documentation

purpose of rendering. ForReal is "to display", ForCoords3D is "to determine where user has clicked"


proper rendering for display


rendering for coordinate detection


for detection of ingame coordinate system - unused

Member Function Documentation

void LxS::CoreGraphics::Model::SetDoubleSided ( bool  v)

basically marking model as doublesided turns off face culling. this shouldn't be necessary; is implemented as fix for bad models;

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