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LxS::Audio::BGM Class Reference

background music More...

#include <bgm.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void Initialize ()
 initialize audio played
void EnqueueTrack (const std::string &track, bool dontstop=false)
void Stop ()
 stop playback
void UnloadResources ()
 uninitialize track
void SetVolume (float _volume)
 set global bgm volume
std::string & GetNowPlaying ()
 return track that is currently being played
bool IsPlaying ()
 is soundtrack being played

Detailed Description

background music

Member Function Documentation

void BGM::EnqueueTrack ( const std::string &  track,
bool  dontstop = false 

enqueue trach to a BGM playlist if dontstop is set to true, after playing this track (if it is last on the playlist) it will be reinserted onto the playlist)

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