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Labyrinth::Online::LabyrinthOnlineConnection Class Reference
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Public Types

typedef std::pair< bool,
std::string > 
typedef NetworkOperatopnResult NetOpRes

Public Member Functions

void SetLogin (std::string l)
void SetPassword (std::string p)
void SetConnectionTimeout (int t)
NetOpRes CheckEcho ()
NetOpRes PutFile (std::string filename, char *data, size_t datasize)
NetOpRes GetFile (std::string filename, char **data, size_t *datasize)
NetOpRes LogIn ()
NetOpRes SetPassword ()
 create new account or set password for existing one
void ClearError ()
 clear error record (internal for this client class object)
bool HasError ()
 if internal error record has any error message recorded
std::string GetLastError ()
 get last error Note: you can get more than one error by using while (client::HasError) { client::GetLastError }
void SetTCPPort (int p)
 set TCP port on which to connect to remote server
int GetTCPPort ()
 get tcp port
void StopClient ()
 stop client thread
std::string GetAddress ()
 retrieve configured IP address
void SetAddress (std::string addr)
 configure address
void StartClient ()
 start client thread
void SendCommand (Command *cmd)
 send message over the protocol
bool CommandReceived ()
 has received message?
CommandRecvCommand ()
 get received message
bool IsConnected ()
 is activated
bool IsWorking ()
 is actively trying to connect or sending or receiving something

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