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oNLabyrinthProduct namespace
|oNOnlineNamespace for "online" features of Labyrinth
|oCMainMenuMain menu
|oCRootRoot window of the game. The one that containss main menu or actual 3D view. Or progress bar
|oCVolumeButtonControl master volume
|oCFramerateToggleButtonShow/hide framerate in main screen
|oCShowHintsShow flavor text for character edges
|oCVBOButtonUse (or not) vertex buffer objects for models
|oCPathfinfingToggleButtonShow/hide graphical representation of pathfinding algorithm process
|\CSettingsMenuGame settings
oNLxSEngine namespace LxS is main namespace for all stuff related to "Labyrinth x Space" game engine including all stuff required both to implement Labyrinth and to implement other games of similar genre and gameplay mechanics
|oNAudioThis is namespace for audio processing, including decoding and playing soundtrack
|oNCoreGraphicsCore graphics related methods (rendering primitives, loading models, textures, shaders, cameras)
|oNGameGameplay-essential classes (general game-logic centered classes)
|oNNetworkNamespace for network input-output, client, server, reactive listening
|oNSystemLow level OS-interaction, encapsulation for OS-specifics (FS-access, threading, user input). Contains Root of class LxS::Windowing::Root
|\NWindowingWindowing system namespace (buttons, menus etc)
oNSWCESet of classes implementing character editor (including basis for character advancement system)
|oCAttributesFormAttributes edition form (increased/decreased within limits)
|oCDerivedStatsFormForm for presentation of derived stats
|oCEdgesAdditionFormSelect edge to add from many possibilities
|oCEdgesFormForm containing various character edges
|oCEdgeViewView character edges
|oCNameEditWidgetWidtet for setting up character name
|oCEditorDefault character editor form (has many subforms)
|oCEditorCommonStatusGlobal settings of character editor - shared by all forms
|oCExporterExport character sheet to a server
|oCHindrancesAdditionFormHindrances addition
|oCHindrancesFormForm for viewing set of hindrances
|oCHindranceViewForm for viewing hindrances
|oCImporterAllows importing character sheets from the net
|oCKnowledgeNamingFormKnowledge skill is special for it contains many fields
|oCOptionDescriptionWindowFrame (not form, but one of frames within a form) describing particular option
|oCOptionsFormForm describing particular character sheet option
|oCSearchBoxFor search term
|oCSearchBarBar containing searchbox
|oCOptionsSelectionFormSelect an option among many others (powers, edges etc)
|oCOptionViewGeneric class for viewing character options
|oCPowersAdditionFormForm for adding powers to characters (giving them magic!)
|oCPowersFormForm representing set of powers posessed by particular character
|oCPowerViewDisplay form posessed by character (this form allows revoking this power)
|oCSkillsPtsLeftHow many points are left for skils
|oCEdgePtsLeftHow many pts are left for edges
|oCPowerPtsLeftHow many points are left for powers
|oCAttributesPtsLeftHow many points are left for attributes
|oCMinorHindranceCounterHow many minor hindrances does the character have
|oCMajorHindranceCounterHow many major hindrances does the character have
|oCRaceSelectionFormForm for selection of character race
|oCSkillsAdditionFormForm for adding skills (subform of skillform)
|oCSkillsFormAddition of skills / increasing/decreasing some
|oCSummaryForm containing summary (of trait/edge/character sheet)
|oCTraitEditButtonEdit traits (attributes and skills)
|\CVaryingSeveritySetupForm to set up whenever hindrance is taken as minor one or major one
\NSWRSSavage Worlds rules system (really a flexible rules engine able to implement any SW-dereived rules set)
 oCIConstCharacterInterface for representing characters - constant (readonly) version
 oCICharacterInterface of a character
 oCCharacterConditionHow badly is character wounded/fatigued
 oCCharacterProper representation of a character in rules system
 oCCharacterImplImplementation of a character in rules system[pIMPL idiom]
 oCEdgeInterface of edge
 oCEdgeImplImplementation of edge
 oCEdgeMapMap of all edges possible in setting
 oCFeatureGeneric class representing common things both for edges and hindrances (and also races)
 oCFeatureImplImplementation of feature class
 oCFeatureMapMap of features possible for a character See SWRS::Feature to know what it is
 oCHindranceClass representing character hindrances [interface]
 oCHindranceImplClass representing character hindrances [implementations]
 oCHindranceMapMap of all hindrance possible in setting
 oCIFeatureImplInterface class for all feature implementations
 oCIOptionGeneric class for optional stat of a character
 oCOptionsMapMap of options possible for a character
 oCPowerRecordRecord for magical power available in game
 oCPowerMagical powers; characters may have some of them
 oCPowerMapMap of available magical powers
 oCRaceCharacter race represented [interface]
 oCRaceImplCharacter race represented [implementation
 oCRaceMapMap of all races possible in setting
 oCRulesSystemMain class (serving also as a factory class for characters) of a savage worlds rules system implementation
 oCTraitRecordDataset associated with particular trait type (class of multiple ownership, one instance per trait per ruleset)
 oCTraitGeneric class for character binary trait - requirements, modifiers etcetera
 oCAttributeAttributes, or characteristics that do not depend on others
 oCSkillSkills, traits that depends on atteibutes
 \CTraitMapUsed for associating trait names with their logical representations